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Connecticut solar farm specifies Fibrelite trench covers for their substation

In order to utilize utilise the power generated by nearly 30,000 solar panels installed on 150 acres of unused farmland in southeastern Connecticut, a regional utility needed to install a synchronous condenser to connect the solar farm to the utility’s high-voltage transmission network. The synchronous condenser was built at a utility substation near the solar farm and required a large, complex cast-in-place trench to convey water lines and high-voltage cabling to the device. Fibrelite Tier 15 load-rated trench covers were specified for this trench project and a number of similar jobs are being installed by the utility near renewable energy facilities.

With a 15,000 lb. load rating, our lightweight Fibrelite trench covers were specified for their impressive strength-to-weight ratio, allowing for manual lifting and easy maintenance checks on the water lines and power cabling. In addition, Fibrelite’s manufacturing team custom-built a number of custom-sized and angled covers to fit in the complex trench layout while still maintaining the load ratings of the covers.

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