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Picture of David Crowther

David Crowther

David began his journey with Fibrelite in 2012 and since then has been a major part of Fibrelite’s growth in Europe. First in the retail fuelling sector, then in more recent years in new sectors, including major infrastructure projects, data centres, ports, manufacturing, and many more industries.

Picture of Oscar Garcia

Oscar Garcia

With over a decade of technical expertise with the KPS piping system, Oscar Garcia is now leading the charge to upgrade new industries to easy install HDPE piping, including backup generators, mining, marinas, ports and many more.

Picture of Jim Goodman

Jim Goodman

Prior to joining Fibrelite in 2005, Jim Goodman helped set up the first Fibrelite factory in North America in 2003 and has since continued driving the adoption of Fibrelite’s composite products in a myriad of industries. As Fibrelite’s current Director of Sales for the Americas, he has developed new markets for composite manhole covers and trench covers in a wide array of projects for leading utilities, high tech companies, manufacturers, and entertainment venues.

Picture of Aaron McConkey

Aaron McConkey

Aaron McConkey specialises in steering results-driven campaigns within a multitude of dynamic markets and audiences and is dedicated to propelling the Fibrelite and KPS brand growth and market presence in new industries and regions.

Picture of David Holmes

David Holmes

Boasting over three decades of expertise spearheading the development of FRP GRP composite covers and underground chambers, David Holmes is instrumental to Fibrelite’s growth in myriad industries, leading innovations like BS476-7 and class 0FRE rated FRP GRP trench covers, and F900 load rated trench covers which can be removed and replaced manually.