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Composite Steam Access Covers

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Cool-to-touch, lightweight, strong and corrosion resistant access covers. Ideal for providing safe access to underground steam utility vaults.

Safe for the Operator and for the Public

Fibrelite steam and vault covers combat health and safety issues associated with the removal and replacement of traditional metal manhole covers, while eliminating the risk of burns to the public on sidewalks, crosswalks, slow moving traffic areas and on university campuses. This is achieved through composite technology: the excellent thermal gradient properties of composites prevent covers heating to a dangerous level from the steam vault beneath or direct sunlight above, while Fibrelite’s unrivaled Unrivalled strength-to-weight ratio and ergonomic lifting handle eliminates lifting injuries to operators.

Fibrelite guarantees high-quality, high-performance products which exceed global health and safety standards. Fibrelite’s composite manhole cover and access cover products are unrivaled in the steam industry.

Fibrelite currently provides FRP GRP composite steam covers to some of the largest District Energy companies in the US and Canada, not to mention universities and utility companies.

Benefits Compared to Metal Covers

  • Significant reduction in heat transfer
  • Lightweight without compromising strength
  • Ergonomic removal and replacement with Fibrelite’s specially designed handle
  • Watertight with proven performance under load
  • Anti-static and does not conduct electricity
  • Anti-slip/skid properties far exceeding health and safety advisory limits
  • Non-corrosive and resistant to sodium chloride
  • Eliminates risk of theft due to no scrap/resale value
  • Maintenance free

Other Benefits

  • Exceeds DOT H20 & H25 load requirements
  • Monolithic structure will not crack or delaminate
  • Multifaceted design that won’t spin out
  • Security locks available

What Our Customers Are Saying

Citizens Thermal

“In 1995, the steam system in Indianapolis pioneered the use of Fibrelite rings and covers over steam vaults. Since then, Fibrelite products have continued to be used with good success in sidewalks and street crosswalks to eliminate the burn hazard associated with metal rings and covers.”

Cleveland Thermal, LLC

“Cleveland Thermal has found Fibrelite steam manhole covers and frames to be an excellent alternative to the standard, cast iron covers. In an urban environment with high pedestrian traffic, Fibrelite steam manhole products offer the greatest reduction in external surface temperature of the cover and have much more aesthetic appeal compared to the cast iron covers that corrode and become unsightly. In addition to the Fibrelite steam manhole cover’s surface temperature reduction, they are much lighter, reducing both liability and personal injury to workers during handling. I would consider this a fabulous product with exceptional customer service.”

Duluth Steam Cooperative Association

“The Duluth Steam Cooperative Association as an agent for the City of Duluth began installing Fibrelite covers in 2002 and they are now the only manhole (steam vault) cover we use. There are currently 46 covers in the system. They were purchased because of their weight – they reduce the risk of back injuries compared to steel covers and also their insulating abilities. If a steam leak occurs in a vault a person can stand on the cover and not be affected by the heat in the vaults. The covers are installed in street situations and when a proper concrete apron is used we have had no problems with snow plows, buses or trucks popping the covers out.”

UVM Physical Plant Department

“We liked that the covers were light, easy to remove, and were rated for the H20 loading. Our skepticism scepticism was around how well the covers in the roadways would hold up to Vermont winter snow plowing, ploughing, and how well they would seal out surface water. To date we have had NO issues with any aspect of these covers. Since our first 6 covers installed, we have installed 8 others. We are working with Fibrelite to develop plans to retrofit our older vaults in the near future. The Fibrelite covers met an important need on our campus to find a light; durable; temperature, corrosion and abrasion resistant cover that seals out the surface water.”

Unrivaled Unrivalled Strength-to-Weight
The Ultimate in Composite Engineering

Supplying to 80 Countries

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This form collects your name and email address in order for us to answer your query and, should you choose, our newsletter also. Find our full privacy policy here.


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