Test Reports

BSi and Kitemark

Kitemark Test Report
BSi FLl760 D400
Kitemark Licence
BSi FL90-C250
BSi Fibrelite Covers
BSi FL10, FL36, FL76 C250
BSi Raised Cover Models
BSi FL140 D400

Radio Frequency

Radio Frequency Attenuation Whitepaper

AASHTO Cover Reports

FL760 H25
FL760 H20/H25
FL90 H25
FL90 H20

BS EN 124 and Other

FL60 A15C
FL90 CD C250
FL100 C250 Load Test
FL450 C250 Load Test
FL600 D400
TVFA (Austria) FL76
FL60 C250 Load Test
FL90 CF D400
FL100 D400
FL180 B125
FL900 A15 Load Test
HS Report – Lid Lifting Safety
FL76 D400
FL90 D400 (Vienna)
FL140 D400
FL600 B125
FL900 C250
FL60 F900
FL90 B125
FL90 D400
FL450 B125 Load Test
FL600 C250
FL900 E600
FL76 F900

Trench Covers – Extreme Heavy Duty (BS EN 124 F900)

Extreme Heavy Duty

Trench Covers – Heavy Duty (BS EN 124 HS25/D400)

FM45 EN124 D400 Test
EN124 D400 Test
BS EN124 D400 Test
EN124 D400 Test
BS EN124 D400 Test

Trench Covers – Standard Duty (BS EN 124 HS20/C250)

BSi Test Report
AASHTO M306-04 H20 Test
BS EN124 C250 Test
(700 × 448 × 76)
BS EN124 C250 Test
(1710 × 600 × 200)
AASHTO M306-04 H20
Test (26” – 60”)

Trench Covers – Light Duty (BS EN 124 B125)

EN124 B125 Test
EN124 B125 Test
BS EN124 B125 Test

Trench Covers – Super Light Duty (BS EN 124 A15)

EN124 B125 Test
FM45 EN124 A15 Test
FM45A15-160 EN124 A15 Test