Press Releases From Fibrelite

The Cloud… Covered!

The construction challenges of cloud and data centers continue to change and evolve with the ever-increasing use of and reliance on the facilities. Today sees an increasing focus on efficiency, reliability and reduced downtime, while build schedules continue to tighten.

Load Bearing Access Covers Are Going Lightweight

Conventional load-bearing access and manhole covers are heavy, liable to corrosion and difficult to install and remove. The question facing modern architects and developers is how to retain the accessibility and strength, but improve upon the practicality, durability and performance.

UK Power Generation Facilities Adopt Made-to-Measure Composite Trench Covers

Electrical power generation facilities have large quantities of cabling running below the ground as a matter of course, which must be accessed regularly. Back in the 1960s when many of these facilities were built, heavy concrete and steel or cast-iron trench access covers were the only option available.

Supplying to 80 Countries

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