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  • Lightweight FRP GRP lids custom designed for precast concrete and preformed FRP GRP trenches troughs
  • Options available for all layouts and configurations
  • Unparalleled protection and accessibility
  • Designed for safe manual removal
  • FRP GRP Composite covers are available from A15 to F900
  • Proven durability

Suitable for

Precast Trenches

Precast Troughs

Precast Ducts

Precast Ducting Systems

Precast Rectangular Ducts

Precast Channels

All Load Ratings A15 – F900

Fibrelite’s extensive range of composite trench covers can withstand the same heavy loads as traditional materials, at a fraction of the weight; while the load-carrying capacity of precast concrete trenches are derived from their structural qualities and don’t rely on the strength/quality of surrounding backfill materials.

Safe Manual Removal

Fibrelite covers weigh a fraction of concrete or metal alternatives and offer load ratings up to F900. This means all trench covers can be safely manually removed by two people, no matter what the load rating.
Fibrelite covers weigh a fraction of concrete or metal alternatives and offer load ratings from pedestrian to airplane wheel loading (90 tons). This means all trench covers can be safely manually removed by two people, no matter what the load rating.

“Combining high-performance, lightweight Fibrelite lids with our low-cost precast trench bases delivers a very high-value solution for our customers.

They get unparalleled strength and durability at a lower cost than has ever been seen in the market.”

George Schurr President/COO, Trenwa Inc.

Dependable Protection

Our highly engineered composite covers are inert, very durable and capable of withstanding traffic and harsh field conditions for many years, while precast concrete trenches protect against adverse weather conditions and resist the majority of corrosive substances, providing long-term protection for underground utilities.

Proven Durability

Fibrelite trench covers are a high-performance product created via resin transfer molding moulding (RTM) to create a durable, monolithic cover that will stand up to corrosion and extreme temperatures (including freeze-thaw); while the strength of precast concrete gradually increases over time. In fact, studies have shown that precast concrete products can provide a service life of over 100 years.
For more information on creating custom solutions and installations contact us on enquiries@fibrelite.com or + 44 (0) 1756 799 773
For more information on creating custom solutions and installations
contact us at enquiries@fibrelite.com

Unrivaled Unrivalled Customization Customisation

Custom designed and manufactured Fibrelite trench covers for biopharmaceutical manufacturer

The custom designed and manufactured covers were fitted into the existing frames

Fibrelite aluminum aluminium encapsulating frame installed on top of flat top precast trench trough

Precast flat top trench trough with cover recess and side edge flags formed on site by contractor

Precast trench trough with a factory formed recess to accommodate trench covers

Custom molded moulded Stepped Covers

Fibrelite trench covers can be custom molded moulded to be stepped, allowing them to be retrofitted into existing frames with shallow rebates while maintaining their structural integrity (independently tested).

This allows direct replacement of previously existing metal covers, or installation in existing precast or preformed concrete trenches. Stepping can also reduce manufacturing cost and weight.

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Recent Precast Case Studies

Substation Rebuild USA

Fibrelite’s HS-20 load rated composite trench covers have been selected by one of the nation’s largest metropolitan electrical utilities for a high-profile rebuild of a 345 kV bulk power substation.

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Utility Provider USA

Fibrelite and Trenwa have a strategic partnership, offering joint products incorporating Fibrelite’s composite covers installed on Trenwa’s precast trenches.

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Recent Installations

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Fibrelite Precast Partnerships

In 2014, Fibrelite and precast concrete trench manufacturer Trenwa formed a strategic partnership to create joint product offerings: Trenwa’s heavy-duty precast concrete road crossing trenches topped with Fibrelite’s traffic rated composite trench covers.

Since 2014 when the partnership began, Trenwa has sold well over a hundred of their precast trench systems with Fibrelite trench covers, now installed in electrical substations, wastewater treatment plants, chemical refineries and many other applications across North America.

As increasing numbers of people learn about the benefits of using Fibrelite trench covers, many are looking to upgrade previously installed concrete or steel trench covers. To meet this demand, Trenwa have worked with Fibrelite to design and manufacture custom moulded composite trench covers to fit Trenwa’s existing line of precast multi-duty trench systems.

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