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Cadent Gas, Warrington, UK

Fibrelite provide Cadent Gas with improved lightweight composite alternative for previously installed concrete trench covers

Project overview

Fibrelite was approached by Cadent Gas to provide a long-lasting trench cover solution, which would alleviate some onsite issues associated with previously installed concrete covers at Winwick Road, Warrington. The key issues were:

  • Unsafe manual handling
  • Slow/inefficient access to valve pits
  • Health and safety concerns – heavy, cumbersome covers

As Fibrelite offers the very best strength-to-weight ratio available in the market today, we were the obvious choice for this project.


Previously, the removal and replacement of concrete trench covers was very time-consuming due to their sheer weight. The covers were extremely difficult to remove and replace safely, causing manual handling risks for operators.

For this project, the client required a heavy-duty covering solution which wouldn’t disturb the existing rebate. This creates an issue for some suppliers who would be unable to produce a custom cut design precise enough to accommodate this.

Previously installed covers were extremely difficult to remove and replace safely
The removal and replacement of concrete trench covers was very time-consuming


The bespoke D400 composite trench covers were manufactured and delivered directly to the site within two weeks from order confirmation, keeping in line with the construction program programme. The trench covers were designed as a retrofit solution to the previously installed arrangement to meet the exact requirements of the customer. This included manufacturing at a variety of different depths and load ratings.

Manual handling risks were eliminated due to the thermoset plastic composition of Fibrelite covers, meaning that even at a heavy-duty load rating, the covers can be quickly and safely removed by two people using the ergonomically designed FL7 lifting handle.

In addition, the maintenance-free design of Fibrelite’s covers requires no specialist lifting machinery during service. Fibrelite trench covers are skid-resistant meaning that previous health and safety concerns have been dramatically reduced especially during periods of adverse weather conditions.

Fibrelite manufactured trench covers which were lightweight and maintenance free
Fibrelite’s “fit and forget” retrofit replacement for previously installed eroding concrete covers


Post installation, onsite staff at Cadent Gas have benefitted greatly from the ‘fit and forget’ solution which had been provided. Fibrelite’s long-lasting chemically inert covers will not contribute to the erosion of any components within the trench over time and can easily be manually removed by two people using Fibrelite FL7 lifting handle and so time is no longer wasted when conducting necessary work within the trench, as was previously the case during removal/replacement of cumbersome covers.

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