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Water Facility, Northumberland, UK

Fibrelite were contacted by a third-party company whose client had tasked them with obtaining a lightweight upgrade for their traditional heavy concrete infill trench covers.

Water Facility, Devon, UK

Previous installed access covers required a crane to remove and replace

Fibrelite were invited to conduct a site survey, as the client desired a simple replacement for their previously installed heavy cast iron recess (access) covers with concrete infill.

Innsbrucker Kommunale, Austria

Custom Fibrelite covers retrofit into existing frames, including an inspection port exactly over the slider

Fibrelite provided a lightweight replacement for previously installed heavy (15cm thick) concrete/steel infill covers at an intersection in the centre of Innsbruck, Austria.

JOD Engineering, Bolton, UK

The Fibrelite D400 load rated covers can be easily removed and replaced using the FL7 lifting handles

JOD Engineering Services LTD were looking for a lightweight covering to replace their existing heavy covers, they supply fresh water to millions of homes across the North West of England.

Water Company, Connecticut, USA

With an effort to automate their water meter collection services, Fibrelite were contacted about the possibility of installing automatic water meter readers in or beneath a composite cover.

Waste Water Plant, Antarctic

The two systems were adapted for Fibrelite trench covers for access from above

Fibrelite supply trench covers for specialist waste water treatment system. Designed and manufactured for use in the Antarctic required lightweight covers for easy access.

Sewage Treatment Plant, UK

Easy and safe manual handling with Fibrelite lifting handle

Fibrelite has recently developed a range of composite access covers to replace traditional heavy concrete infill covers. The range includes D400, E600 and F900 load ratings.

Culvert Access Solution, UK

“Cassette” of bespoke covers over culvert

A UK construction company required a covering solution for a newly constructed culvert. Due to the shape it required a “cassette” of bespoke covers and additional support beams.