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Countryside Manor, UK

Fibrelite covers provide safe, aesthetic and retrofit trench access solution for countryside manor

Project overview

This private estate refurbishment project was brought to Fibrelite by Ramtech Energy Services, who were looking to replace the site’s previously installed, heavily corroded concrete covers which were covering pipes and wiring supplying the manor.


The client singled out their concrete trench access covers for immediate replacement before they completely deteriorated. The covers had become heavily fractured and chipped over time, allowing the trench to be contaminated with dust and debris.

The previously installed concrete covers were also very heavy with (hired) specialist lifting equipment required to remove them: making it a time consuming and expensive process. They also posed a risk of injury to maintenance teams.

Previously installed concrete covers had fractured and chipped
Fractured covers had allowed dust and debris to enter the trench
Concrete covers posed a risk of injury to maintenance workers due to their weight


Fibrelite custom designed and manufactured bespoke composite trench access covers for the countryside manor. These lightweight covers can withstand loads of up to 25 tons, tonnes, replacing the heavy, deteriorating concrete trench covers that were previously installed. Furthermore, Fibrelite custom manufactured the trench covers to be a color colour that blended in with their surrounding courtyard.

Fibrelite’s lightweight trench covers provided a safe, simple solution
Fibrelite covers are a corrosion-resistant, long-term solution
Fibrelite custom manufactured trench covers in a color colour that blended in with their surroundings


The countryside manor now reaps the benefits Fibrelite’s ‘fit and forget’, maintenance-free design with a trench access solution that will endure for years to come.

Fibrelite covers prevented the trench from becoming contaminated by debris
Fibrelite covers have the best strength to weight ratio available in the market today
Fibrelite covers can be safely removed manually by two people

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