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Eggborough Power Station, UK - Phase 1

Fibrelite supply trench access covers to a power station

Stage one – out with the old

This UK Power Station removed old fashioned concrete and steel covers that were now severely damaged and replaced them with Fibrelite’s lightweight Trench Access Covers. Previously, a forklift and lifting equipment had to be used every time one of the old covers needed to be removed, a costly and time-consuming exercise. Now a single person can easily and safely remove the Fibrelite covers, a refreshingly simple and inexpensive task.

As you can clearly see from the images, the tired, cracked and crumbling concrete and bowed rusting steel covers have not only seen better days but are causing on site health and safety issues. All these hazards are to be eliminated with our non-corrosive, non-cracking, slip resistant and incredibly strong composite trench panels.

Corroded and deformed: cheap steel covers
Damaged and difficult to remove: heavy concrete slabs

Fibrelite has supplied 7.2m of 1m long trench access covers (D400 load rating). This is for installation in to the road leading to a forklift loading area and where ash removal HGV’s are frequently loaded.

Customer quote:

“We were looking for an installation to replace our ageing duct covers. Fibrelite came up with this solution and it is manufactured and sourced locally.”
Extremely strong and incredibly lightweight covers
Fibrelite heavy load rated composite trench cover

Summary of composite benefits versus steel and concrete:

  • Composite is lightweight, strong and unlike concrete will not crumble or crack
  • Specially designed lifting aid eliminates back injury and crushed fingers
  • Non-metallic, non-conductive and will not spark
  • Excellent insulator against heat
  • Unaffected by underground gasses and most chemicals
  • Incredibly strong monolithic structure that will not delaminate
  • Anti-slip/skid properties far exceeding health and safety advisory limits
  • Range of UV stable colors colours available that will not flake or crack

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