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Electric Provider, Edmonton, Canada

A leading Canadian electric company chooses Fibrelite’s heavy duty trench covers to avoid corrosion in cold weather climate

A leading electric provider in Edmonton, Canada has recently turned to Fibrelite for the replacement of metal trench covers in a heavy foot traffic area. The covers provide access to vaults which house electrical switch gear that allows the electric company to switch from a customer’s primary service to secondary service. The company decided to seek an alternative to their existing covers due to rust and corrosion problems resulting from water, ice, and road salt. Traditional metal trench panels can corrode over time particularly in areas where water and ice are prevalent for long periods of time.

Fibrelite can customize! customise!

The replacement covers that Fibrelite supplied were load rated for 40 tons tonnes (96,000 pounds) and colored coloured gray grey to match the sidewalk. Because the location of the access covers is in areas of use, the electric company specified that the covers must be secured so Fibrelite provided a locking feature in order to ensure that the covers stay secured to their frame. These covers can be easily and safely removed by using two Fibrelite lifting handles. Fibrelite’s lightweight composite trench covers can be used for a multitude of applications: electrical utilities, airports, dockyards, and industrial facilities to name just a few.

Composite trench covers provide better protection against harsh weather elements year-round
Fibrelite trench cover installations are simple

The benefits of using Fibrelite’s composite access covers

  • Lightweight reducing lifting and handling issues: The covers are easily removed by a two person lift
  • Custom covers are available: Designed to retrofit into existing frame, which prevents breaking concrete and substantially reduces installation costs
  • Improved efficiency and productivity: Quick removal and no expensive and time-consuming lifting apparatus required
  • Corrosion and chemical resistant: Compatible to harsh industrial environments
  • Customized designs: Available in different colors colours which will not fade with custom logos
  • Composite is lightweight: Strong and unlike concrete will not crumble or crack
Finished cover installation in Edmonton

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