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European Cruise Terminal

Fibrelite design and supply custom F900 trench covers to one of Europe’s leading cruise terminal projects

Project overview

Fibrelite was approached by an OEM who provides Onshore Power Supply (OPS) systems, to quote for this large leisure cruise terminal upgrade project. The end user had previously considered Ductile Iron covers to cover the troughs housing the HV power cables and associated fixtures for their newly acquired OPS (Onshore Power Supply) system, but due to the weight of these covers and the need for specialized specialised lifting equipment, the end user turned to Fibrelite for a solution.

OPS (Onshore Power Supply) for UK Cruise terminal
HV cable trough – Fibrelite trench covers provide solution where quick/easy access is required

Key requirements

  • Initially, the end user had explored Ductile Iron covers as a potential covering solution.
  • The additional overheads associated with this material proposal, including the provision of specialized specialised training for operatives and heavy duty lifting apparatus – resulted in this being ruled out.
  • F900 (90 ton) tonne) load rated trench covers were required to cope with extremely heavy and slow moving sea port traffic.
  • Industrial scale – trench covers required to cover 500 meters metres of precast concrete trough trench units.
  • In order to accommodate frequent access to power supply, trench covers had to be light enough for safe manual removal.
  • Dozens of varying custom sized covers were required to suit the trench configuration.

The Fibrelite solution

  • From design/specification through to delivery/installation, the Fibrelite team assisted the customer to ensure this made-to-measure solution would perform exactly as specified.
  • Fit for purpose – Fibrelite custom-engineered and manufactured F900 load-rated FRP GRP composite trench covers suitable for extremely heavy and slow-moving seaport traffic.
  • Corrosion-resistant covers to resist constant exposure to saltwater.
  • Industrial scale supply capacity – delivery schedule for hundreds of bespoke trench covers agreed upon with the customer and upheld by Fibrelite.
  • The Fibrelite trench covers supplied (65Kg) were approximately 82% lighter than the proposed Ductile Iron covers.
  • Fibrelite FRP GRP trench covers stepped 117mm to 150mm, to provide increased stiffness and reduced unit weight, which was lightweight enough for safe manual handling, which in turn ensures operatives can safely gain access to trench services as frequently as required.
  • Dozens of varying custom sized covers delivered as per client specification.
Durable/lightweight solution required for access to cable troughs
F900 load rating specified for cruise terminal traffic
F900 load rated Fibrelite trench covers supplied to cope with extreme heavy duty cruise terminal traffic
Simple and safe removal using the Fibrelite lifting handles
Fibrelite lightweight covers have the best strength to weight ratio available in the market (image of a different site used for illustration purposes)

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