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Global Satellite Services Provider, USA

Global satellite services provider specifies Fibrelite Trenwa trench and cover system

This large multinational satellite services provider has specified the Fibrelite Trenwa partnership trench and cover system for their latest satellite earth station antenna facility in the U.S. The partnership system combines Fibrelite’s lightweight FRP GRP composite lids and Trenwa’s heavy-duty road crossing precast trenches. This facility provides mission-critical commercial satellite communication services to the U.S. government, other select military organizations organisations (and their contractors), airline and marine operations, television and telecom service providers.

The Fibrelite Trenwa system protects and allows safe, fast access to cables running from the antennas to the control rooms

Key requirements

  • Protecting and allowing safe, fast access to cables running from antennas to control rooms
  • Running cables across road crossings
  • A long-term solution
  • Safe manual access to cables for monitoring and maintenance

The Fibrelite & Trenwa solution

  • Trenwa BHF precast trench with integrated Trenwa/Fibrelite LHF26-60 composite trench covers
  • Trouble-free lightweight durable monolithic structure
  • Safe walking & driving surface wet or dry (anti-slip/skid)
  • Safe manual cover removal by two people at all load ratings
  • Long term solution – chemically inert, noncorrosive, and freeze/thaw cycle impervious
  • Tried and tested since 1980 (Fibrelite covers) and 1961 (Trenwa precast trenches)
  • Excellent insulation against heat
  • True HS20 load rating
The senior designer on site commented everyone is very pleased with the finished result
Fibrelite Trenwa partnership trench and cover system installed at mission-critical satellite facility
Fibrelite composite trench covers can be manually removed by two people using Fibrelite’s FL7 lifting handles (as seen in the above image on another site)
Fibrelite’s lightweight FRP GRP trench covers can be safely and quickly removed by 2 people (image used for illustration purposes and shows a different installation)

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