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James House, UK

‘Fit and forget’ Fibrelite covers replace ‘unfit’ FRP GRP grating

Project overview

A third-party construction firm reached out to Fibrelite regarding a project at James House in York, where they required a replacement for previously installed FRP GRP grating, identified as unfit for the site’s requirements.

Previously installed FRP GRP grating was unsuitable for sustained loading
Previously installed FRP GRP grating was originally supplied together with the precast concrete troughs
The client required a higher performance replacement


The previously installed FRP GRP grating onsite was originally supplied as a complete package by a PCC trough supplier, together with their precast concrete trough units, but after installation it had become apparent that the grating was unfit for the demands of this site.

Key issues:

  • Grating was unsuitable for sustained loading
  • Vehicular access had to be restricted, having an adverse effect on site operations

The customer required a high-performance replacement which could be delivered and made operational as quickly as possible.

Fibrelite covers were manufactured at load ratings appropriate to their location
Fibrelite’s FRP GRP trench covers were retrofitted into the existing precast concrete trench
Fibrelite’s covers have the best strength to weight ratio available in the market


Fibrelite designed and engineered bespoke trench access covers to fit directly into the existing trenches. Covers were supplied in load ratings of D400 and A15, as appropriate to their location. The D400 load rated covers were stepped from 101.6mm deep to 50mm deep in order to accommodate both the existing rebate and required D400 load rating.

Key features of Fibrelite covers for this project:

  • Strength-to-weight ratio. All trench covers can be safely removed manually while strong enough to withstand sustained loading
  • Load rating tested; BSI approved
  • Independent wet and dry tests carried out by Devon CC Materials Laboratory showed that Fibrelite manhole and trench covers – even when wet – have anti-slip/skid properties far exceeding health and safety advisory limits
  • Corrosion-resistant: unaffected by water, underground gasses and most chemicals


James House gained the required health and safety certification and has a maintenance-free safe trench covering solution which will continue to perform for years to come.

Vehicles operating onsite can now traverse the covers
James House in York required a strong, lightweight long-term solution to cover their PCC troughs
Fibrelite trench covers have anti-slip/skid properties far exceeding health and safety advisory limits

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