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Leading US Northeastern University, Boston, USA

Leading university campus chooses Fibrelite’s FRP GRP composite steam manhole covers

This leading University’s engineering and utility project management team first learned about Fibrelite’s composite steam manhole covers at an International District Energy Association (IDEA) conference several years ago. In 2009, the engineering team integrated Fibrelite’s GRP composite steam manhole covers into a large steam and chilled water expansion project on campus.

Customer quote

“We liked that the covers were light, easy to remove, and were rated for the H20 loading. Our skepticism was around how well the covers in the roadways would hold up to harsh winter snow plowing, and how well they would seal out surface water. To date we have had NO issues with any aspect of these covers. Since our first 6 covers were installed, we have installed 8 others. We are working with Fibrelite to develop plans to retrofit our older vaults in the near future. The Fibrelite covers met an important need on our campus to find a light, durable, temperature, corrosion and abrasion resistant cover that seals out the surface water.”
Pre-cast Fibrelite frames
View from over the manhole

How to eliminate the hazards – install Fibrelite covers!

The hazards of hot manhole covers can be eliminated with Fibrelite’s line of FRP GRP composite steam manhole covers. The thermal gradient properties of Fibrelite’s FRP GRP composite covers significantly reduce the heat transfer from a steam vault to the surface of the cover. Typically, the surface temperature of the cover will be slightly above the ambient temperature at street level even when subjected to extremely hot temperatures on the underside of the cover.

Fibrelite covers have been third-party tested to handle loads exceeding DOT H20 load ratings even when subjected to temperatures of up to 400°F.

Fibrelite FRP GRP composite cover, frame and FL7A lifting aid

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