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Manchester Airport, UK

Fibrelite supply D400 trench access covers to Manchester Airport

Fibrelite has recently supplied Manchester Airport 44 x FM45-80 trench covers (D400 load rating) with the encapsulating aluminium frame system. Fibrelite was specified by a leading firm of architects and the covers were installed by R&M Developments.

Proven to be ergonomically safe to remove and replace, the design incorporates two lifting points for the specially designed FL7 lifting aids. These allow the operators to remove the cover without trapping fingers or bending over thus maximising the safety of the lifting technique.

The weight is kept close to the body preventing back injury: one of the main causes of absence from work and personal injury claims. The maximum weight of the largest panel is 25kg.

Customer Quote: “I was impressed with how easy the install was and couldn’t believe how light the covers were whilst still being able to hold 40 tonne loadings.”

Dangerous lifting technique without Fibrelite lifting aid
Safe lifting technique with Fibrelite lifting aid

Panels can be installed on a pre-laid concrete rebate or our modular aluminium frame system which is self-keying into surrounding concrete. They can be used for a multitude of applications: from shopping centre walkways and industrial facilities to HGV loading areas in water treatment plants and power stations. No other covering system matches its easy lift, skid resistant or load carrying properties.

Trench covers are a standard width of 450mm with a range of length options from 800mm to 1600mm. For larger areas of structural flooring, additional central support beams can be installed to extend the covering area.

Fibrelite lightweight composite covers
Fibrelite covers will not corrode or crumble like concrete or metal covers

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