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Pharmaceutical Facility,
Northumberland, UK

Pharmaceutical facility choose Fibrelite FRP GRP access covers as a simple lightweight solution

Project overview

Officials at a Northumberland pharmaceutical facility came to Fibrelite for a solution to their outdated troublesome access covers, which were situated over trench runs at their pharmaceutical development facility. The performance of Fibrelite’s unrivaled unrivalled strength to weight ratio covers and the client’s pursuit of innovative products and solutions were key factors in securing this project as Fibrelite covers are subject to non-standard point loads in excess of 40 tons. tonnes.


Accessing the service trench was a time-consuming task which required specialist workers and equipment. The previously installed covers were a mixture of heavy solid concrete units and sheets of metal. The sheets of metal were installed at a later stage to patch over the heavily corroded concrete units. A drill was required for removal and replacement of the initial covers, when removed the concrete covers fragmented and broke apart. The metal sheets had become bent and misshapen especially around the edges and caused a major slip hazard when wet.

Previously installed heavily corroded access covers


The client required a lightweight, durable solution which offered safe manual handling benefits. Several different parties made contact with us on behalf of the pharmaceutical facility for this project. Tolent Construction were the company tasked with finalizing finalising project requirements for the job and helping to progress the inquiry enquiry to order stage.

Fibrelite provided bespoke covers that fit directly into the existing frames which can be removed and replaced by two people using the FL7 lifting handles. Because of the heavily trafficked area the customer specified a heavy-duty cover, Fibrelite provided a bespoke E600 load rated cover Independent wet and dry tests carried out by Devon CC Materials Laboratory showed that Fibrelite manhole and trench covers – even when wet – have anti-slip/skid properties far exceeding health and safety advisory limits. Designed as a ‘Fit and Forget’ solution Fibrelite covers are corrosion and maintenance free providing the facility with a long-term solution.

Fibrelite lightweight access covers are designed to withstand heavy loads and harsh weather conditions


Fibrelite manufactured and delivered the entirety of the order within four weeks from receipt of purchase order, helping to minimize minimise disruption to the facility. It now has a long-lasting access solution that will require minimal maintenance. The customer can now gain access to the service trench without the use of specialist tools. Upon inspection they will find the equipment underneath unspoiled by fragmented bits of cover thanks to the non-corrosive composition of our covers. A purchase order for phase two of this project was placed soon after completion. This would comprise of an even longer service trench than previously installed and in a different area of the facility.

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