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Sphinx Airport, Egypt

Fibrelite covers and chambers provide easy install, easy-access solution for Sphinx Airport, Egypt

Project overview

Sphinx Airport is a new development located on the Cairo-Alexandria desert road near Giza City, Egypt. This airport will serve Grand Cairo as well as North Egypt and the delta.

Due to the nature of airport operations, it is crucial that the standby diesel generator and its fuel system are carefully monitored and maintained throughout the year. Fibrelite FRP GRP manhole covers, and tank sumps were specified for an easy-install, long term solution and for their ‘fit and forget’ qualities:

  • Lightweight FRP GRP manhole access covers incorporating a seal to prevent surface water ingress
  • Easy-install chamber system offering liquid-tight below ground containment
Fibrelite chambers and manhole covers provided an easy-install solution
Fibrelite chambers were installed over the diesel fuel tanks
All Fibrelite chambers are vacuum testable


Traditionally installed concrete chambers and cast-iron manhole access covers posed operating difficulties:

  • Covers – the traditional cast-iron manhole covers were very heavy so could not be easily removed and replaced using hand-held tools
  • Chambers – the extreme weight of the concrete chambers made them difficult to install and required specialist machinery to move them, including when slight adjustments were needed
Lightweight Fibrelite covers allow safe manual removal at up to F900 load ratings


Fibrelite’s lightweight GRP composite manhole covers and tank sumps provided an easy-install solution.

Key benefits for this project:

  • Lightweight Fibrelite manhole covers can be safely manually removed by one person using the FL7A ergonomically designed lifting handle and incorporate a watertight seal, preventing groundwater ingress
  • Fibrelite chamber systems are also made of a lightweight FRP GRP material allowing a simple installation, while a smooth finish ensures easy handling and excellent entry boot sealing. All Fibrelite chambers/sumps are also able to withstand high groundwater pressure and are vacuum testable during and after installation (as well as being tested before leaving the factory)
  • The customer was extremely satisfied with the ease of installation
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