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Substation, Elstree, UK

Fibrelite supply heavy duty (D400) 1400mm trench access covers to electricity substation

Damaged cast iron and concrete covers replaced

Extremely heavy and severely damaged cast iron and concrete covers installed at the substation caused a health and safety issue and needed replacing.

Fibrelite’s lightweight heavy duty composite trench cover was specified as the solution. Designed as a ‘fit and forget’ product, the maintenance free trench cover provides easy and safe access to the electricity cables housed in the trench situated across the road.

Large spans at a heavy duty load rating and a cost effective solution

The original installation used two sets of separate covers over two parallel trenches, but specifying the Fibrelite 1400mm long D400 load rated cover made the installation much easier, reducing installation time and making the install much more economical.

Fibrelite’s D400 load rated trench covers span from 800mm to 1600mm, meaning large spans can be achieved saving the customer time and money.

Corroded and damaged cast iron and concrete covers
The previously installed cast iron frame showing extensive damage and corrosion
The Fibrelite D400 tonne load rated lightweight trench covers
Covers are non-metallic, non-conductive and will not spark

Further advantages include:

  • Lightweight reducing lifting and handling issues: The covers are easily removed by a two man lift, even at D400 load rating
  • Improved efficiency and productivity: Quick removal and no expensive lifting apparatus required, just the ergonomically designed Fibrelite lifting handles
  • Corrosion resistant
  • No resale value to the scrap market so will not be stolen: A thermoset plastic, the composite makeup of the cover means it has no resale value
  • Non-metallic and will not spark
  • Composite is lightweight, strong and unlike concrete will not crumble or crack
  • Guaranteed structural performance: All covers are tested to EN 124 D400 load rating
The Fibrelite lifting handles are specifically designed for operator use at the optimum ergonomic lifting range
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