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Bremerhaven Harbour, Germany

KHK supply manhole covers for ship moorings in German harbour

Project overview

Fibrelite’s German partner, KHK was approached for a refurbishment project on ship moorings in Bremerhaven harbour, Germany.

During the refurbishment, the installation of a freshwater system along with technology chambers (which included gate valves and measuring equipment) was carried out. They required a cover over these subterranean operating units as part of these refurbishments, with Fibrelite and KHK being able to provide a strong, lightweight and corrosion-free solution.

Fibrelite's manhole covers were installed with an additional dip port in the main lid
Fibrelite covers are corrosion-resistant, unlike metal covers
The client required a cover over subterranean operating units


To get to this equipment frequently, the client required covers that could be accessed easily. Due to the proximity to saltwater, they also needed corrosion-resistant covers; unlike metal covers which corrode over time, this process is sped up by saltwater. An operation that is simply overcome by using Fibrelite products, due to the lightweight properties of the cover, yet still meets the required load ratings and – due to the proximity to saltwater – is also corrosion-free.


Fibrelite and KHK provided a bespoke and lightweight solution for the client to resolve these issues. The Fibrelite cover that was installed has an additional dip port which was integrated in the main lid so that the users will be able to reach the operating unit without removing the full cover. Even when removing the full cover, it can be safely and easily removed and replaced by one person, eliminating any health and safety risks and the cost of heavy specialised lifting equipment. Fibrelite covers are ideal for this installation as the composite covers are also corrosion resistant.

“In the future, the fibre-industrial manhole covers at the dock in Bremerhaven will contribute to comfortable and sustainable work processes” explains Carsten Cromm, Managing Director of KHK.

The Fibrelite cover that was installed can be easily removed by one person

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