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Manufacturing and Research Facility, North West, UK

Fibrelite were contacted to source a GRP covering arrangement for service duct trenches at a major UK based manufacturing and research facility. Operational difficulties posed by the previously existing concrete cover slabs…

Support Facility, Bahrain

Fibrelite’s trench access covers will not deform under heavy loads

The previously installed steel covers had permanently deformed under heavy operational loads and sat in an uneven recess, resulting in the covers being unstable.

Airport Maintenance Facility, UK

Fibrelite were contacted to provide a bespoke GRP composite trench covering arrangement to fit precast concrete service trenches at a UK airport maintenance facility.

Aerospace Facility, UK

The Fibrelite yellow C250 (25 ton) tonne) load rated standard duty trench access covers

Fibrelite supply bespoke trench covers over concrete trenches that house essential pipework and service supplies. Our covers are designed for these types of complicated applications.

Educational Facility Grease Pits, UK

Newly installed Fibrelite flat sealed FL140 composite covers

The previous covers claimed to be odour tight but weren’t, resulting in the constant emission of a terrible odour. The heavy galvanised covers were also extremely difficult to remove.

Glass Processing Plant, Miętno, Poland

Fibrelite and Polish distributor, Corrimex, provided B125 load rated Fibrelite composite covers to a glass glazing and glass processing plant in Miętno…