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Glass Processing Plant, Miętno, Poland

Fibrelite composite trench panels installed in Polish manufacturing facility

Project overview

Fibrelite and Polish distributor, Corrimex, provided B125 load rated Fibrelite composite covers to a glass glazing and glass processing plant in Miętno, Poland. The contractor was the Investor, Press Glass SA.

The Fibrelite covers that were installed could withstand loads up to 12.5 tons tonnes


The customer very clearly defined the technical requirements that the covers should meet:

  • The cover has a low weight
  • It should ensure a quick and easy installation
  • The cover should be easily removed for maintenance and access
  • The aesthetics of the cover should fit within the modern style of the factory
  • The load class of B125


Together, Corrimex and Fibrelite delivered the composite covers in the B125 load class (12.5 tons) tonnes) to meet the Investor’s requirements detailed above.

“Covers meet our requirements, they are characterized by easy note and opening – they are worth recommending”

– Sebastian Derda (Investor)

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