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Cadent Gas, Warrington, UK

Fibrelite was approached by Cadent Gas to provide a long-lasting trench cover solution, which would alleviate some onsite issues associated with previously installed concrete covers.

Utility Provider USA

Substations have large amounts of electrical conduits and cabling which are usually run underground in precast concrete or cast in place trenches. Precast trenches are frequently…

Substation Rebuild USA

Fibrelite’s HS-20 load rated composite trench covers have been selected by one of the nation’s largest metropolitan electrical utilities for a high-profile rebuild of a 345 kV bulk power substation.

Central District Heating, Rennes

A demanding district heating redevelopment project in Rennes, France for an industry leader in the design, construction and operation of specialist heating networks.

Electrical Substation, Sheffield, UK

Failing concrete trench access covers at an electrical substation in Sheffield were causing severe operating difficulties for onsite staff. Fibrelite and IJM supplied a lightweight…

Power Station, Doncaster, UK

Electrical power generation facilities have large quantities of cabling running below the ground as a matter of course, which must be accessed regularly.