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Fibrelite’s new radio frequency friendly manhole covers

Fibrelite are proud to announce the launch of our new Radio Frequency (RF) friendly manhole covers. These are a new generation of covers designed for remote underground monitoring, supporting data transfer between antennas underground and aboveground.

Fibrelite’s new Radio Frequency friendly manhole cover

One of the primary uses of RF/smart manhole covers is as part of (real-time) remote underground monitoring systems/telematics in utilities, where transmitters under covers are used for monitoring and/or control of oil/water usage, sewer flow, floodwater and similar. Other industries adopting these include mining and telecoms (e.g. 5G signal boosters).

Traditional ductile iron and reinforced concrete manhole covers aren’t conductive to the transmission of RF signals. Metal reflects the signal, while concrete greatly weakens it (exhibits high attenuation coefficients). This means that the transmitted signal is greatly weakened, restricting range and functionality.

Our range of covers are made from GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) which draws on the low attenuation (signal absorption) properties of GRP and includes a thin structure in the middle of the cover to contain the antenna; further lowering the attenuation of the signal without compromising the strength or deflection properties of the cover.

Installations of our radio frequency manhole covers have already taken place in Cadiz, Spain and Connecticut, USA.

Read our whitepaper for more information or alternatively view our press release.

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