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Lukoil, Bulgaria

OPW products work together to provide Lukoil with a long lasting below ground containment system

Project overview

OPW provided Lukoil, a major Russian based oil company, with an easy-install underground containment system including KPS pipework and Fibrelite tank sumps, for a new build filling station in Bulgaria. Ease of access, longevity and the speed of installation were of the highest importance.


Lukoil required long lasting and reliable containment for a new build filling station including associated internal equipment (pipework, valves, covers and probes) that would perform for the lifecycle of the site with minimal maintenance.

The project had a tight timescale for completion so a quick installation was a priority. As a result, on-site technical support and installation training were necessary.

KPS pipework and Fibrelite tank sumps ensure a complete sealed system
Fibrelite S7-390 GRP tank sumps require minimal maintenance and provide maximum protection (Photo taken prior to KPS pipe installation)


OPW supplied Lukoil with a sustainable solution which ensures complete containment and conductivity for the lifecycle of the site. Throughout the installation, an OPW product expert provided on-site technical support and installation training, enabling the filling station to be finished within the desired timeframe.

In the installation, OPW used Fibrelite S7-390 GRP (glass reinforced plastic) tank sumps which are strong, non-corrosive and require minimal maintenance during their working life. All sumps are vacuum tested in one of OPW’s facilities for tightness, ensuring against water ingress and providing maximum protection for fuel lines, while allowing easy secure access for fuel delivery, maintenance and inspection.

63mm single-wall KPS piping was used to connect the system, providing a safe, easy-install solution requiring the minimum possible number of welds. KPS piping, like Fibrelite sumps, can be fully conductive and ensures safety in the eventuality of sparks or leaks.

OPW’s industry-leading Fibrelite 40 tonne manhole covers, provided a watertight, anti-slip, and easily removable covering solution over the tank sumps. These will also be subject to heavy traffic flow so durability and a safe walking and driving surface are essential – just some of the key reasons why Fibrelite’s composite covers are the preferred choice of oil companies worldwide.

Fibrelite liquid-tight S7-390 tank sumps
OPW 14NL angled check valve allows manual fuel flow control


OPW supplied Lukoil with a reliable containment system that will perform in the toughest of conditions for the lifecycle of the site. The installers, along with Lukoil, were impressed with the speed, ease, and support around the installation as well as the quality of OPW’s products. Following this successful installation, Lukoil has continued to place repeat orders with OPW.

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