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Manufacturing Facility, Wysokie Mazowieckie, Poland

Polish manufacturing facility gain easy access to IT cables using Fibrelite’s D400 covers

Project overview

Fibrelite and Polish distributor, Corrimex, provided D400 load rated composite covers to a manufacturing plant in Wysokie Mazowieckie, Poland. The trench covers needed to withstand loads of up to 40 tons, tonnes, whilst being easily removeable by two people to enable monitoring and maintenance of IT cables that ran under the production hall.

Fibrelite installed D400 covers in a Polish manufacturing facility


The manufacturing plant required trench covers to gain easy access to underground IT cables in their new production hall.

“The covers needed to have a 40-ton 40-tonne load rating and be corrosion resistant. The covers also had to be lightweight, making it easy to open for maintenance, whilst maintaining the load rating”

– Pawel Gross (Fibrelite distributor)

The covers needed to be installed without any further maintenance throughout their lifetime. A ‘fit and forget’ solution was needed.


Fibrelite provided the Polish manufacturer with D400 FRP GRP trench access covers which can withstand loads of up to 40-tons. 40-tonnes. These lightweight covers allow manual removal by two people, allowing maintenance teams quick and easy access to the IT cables underneath. Furthermore, the FRP GRP trench covers are corrosion-resistant, resulting in covers that have a longer lifespan and is maintenance-free, unlike the previously installed covers.

“One of the parameters that influenced the use of Fibrelite covers was also the fit and the look of the product, i.e. the ability to produce covers that will be level with the concrete surface of the hall”.

– Pawel Gross (Fibrelite distributor)

Fibrelite and Corrimex installed a T junction as a part of the project

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