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Large Data Centre, Northern Europe

Fibrelite supplies bespoke composite covers to large datacenter centre

Project overview

As demands for computing continues to significantly increase, and millions of people around the planet are online, the world’s data service providers need to continually expand their capacity to cope with the surge in demand.

This includes the building of large data centers centres that house the servers that are required to keep our world connected.

Fibrelite worked with the design consultants of the data center centre in Northern Europe to cover 525 meters metres (1046 covers) of electrical and data cabling between buildings.

Fibrelite also worked together with the client to design and supply bespoke size covers, support beams and frames for 11 different pits in the pump room in a separate building on the same site.

The D400 load rated trench covers capable to withstand heavy duty traffic. Bolts were added for extra security


The client needed to cover a large run of precast concrete trenches covering electrical and data cables running between different buildings.

A bespoke solution was also needed for pits being used in a separate building. These pits were all separate sizes and required both frames and removable support beams.

The covers needed to be strong enough to cope with: heavy duty traffic, temperature variations, have UV resistance and be lightweight enough for the operatives to safely remove the cover when accessing the cables.


Fibrelite designed and manufactured bespoke trench covers to fit directly into the precast concrete trenches that had been supplied to the site, making installation quick and easy, minimizing minimising disruption to the ongoing construction.

All Fibrelite covers can be safely removed and replaced by two people using the FL7 lifting handles due to their high strength-to-weight ratio. The FL100-D400 covers are designed to be removed and installed safely by one user with the FL7A.

Fibrelite covers are the perfect “fit and forget” solution and can be bespoke made to fit precast concrete pits
All Fibrelite trench covers can be safely and quickly removed by two people using the FL7 lifting handles (image used for illustration purposes and shows a different installation)
All Fibrelite trench covers can be safely and quickly removed by two people using the FL7 lifting handles (image used for illustration purposes and shows a different installation)


The corrosion-resistant covers can now be removed and replaced safely, minimizing minimising disruption and independent wet and dry tests carried out by Devon CC Materials Laboratory showed that Fibrelite manhole and trench covers – even when wet – have anti-slip/skid properties far exceeding health and safety advisory limits.

The specified Fibrelite heavy-duty trench covers have a 40- ton tonne load rating (D400), enabling them to withstand heavy vehicle traffic whilst still being able to outperform concrete on a long-term basis.

Designed as a fit and forget product, all Fibrelite FRP GRP composite covers are maintenance free corrosion-resistant and ultra-durable. The covers were fitted with restraining bolts for additional security.

Fibrelite provide a safe and reliable product offering and were able to design, manufacture, ship and deliver world class products within the expected timeframes.

Fibrelite can by consistently relied upon by the world’s largest and leading companies to provide a best in class service, solution and product.

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