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Theatre, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Fibrelite trench panels installed at a theatre near Schiphol Airport, thanks to TSE Fueling Supplies, for access to geothermal heating system

Safer… Easier… Faster… Lighter

Previously a forklift was used each time access was required: an unnecessarily difficult and time-consuming exercise. As quoted in the testimonial above, the customer was extremely pleased with the ease of manual handling that comes with these lightweight covers. The installation of Fibrelite Trench Access Covers has minimised the hazards involved, the time taken as well as the cost of removing the previously used large concrete slab. Two men, or women, using the Fibrelite FL7 lifting aids can now remove all of these covers safely, easily and within minutes.

Installation of Fibrelite’s composite trench access covers

This is a large pit (1.8 x 2m) used for access to a geothermal heating system underneath a theatre in Holland. The installation of a removable beam allowed for two rows of Fibrelite’s B125 Trench Covers (able to withstand up to 12.5 tonnes of load) to be configured alongside each other, whilst not reducing the size of the clear opening.

Previously used time-consuming method of removing heavy concrete slab

Customer Quote:

“We are very happy with this solution. We do not need a forklift truck anymore to remove the concrete slab and can get to the geothermal installation in a minute. If I encounter a similar situation in the future, I surely will consider this option again.”
The geothermal monitoring pit
The FL7 lifting aids allowing easy and safe removal

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