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Global Satellite Services Provider, USA

This large multinational satellite services provider has specified the Fibrelite Trenwa partnership trench and cover system for their latest satellite earth station antenna facility in the U.S. The partnership system combines…

Manufacturing and Research Facility, North West, UK

Fibrelite were contacted to source a GRP covering arrangement for service duct trenches at a major UK based manufacturing and research facility. Operational difficulties posed by the previously existing concrete cover slabs…

Nottingham City Hospital, UK

Hilton Bodill Construction specified Fibrelite covers and KPS piping for Nottingham City Hospital refurbishment

Hilton Bodill Construction contacted Fibrelite on behalf of Nottingham City Hospital, who required a lightweight and strong modular covering system for their newly re-routed service trench, which replaced the traditional heavy concrete slabs. These protect and provide access to the…

Airport Maintenance Facility, UK

Fibrelite were contacted to provide a bespoke GRP composite trench covering arrangement to fit precast concrete service trenches at a UK airport maintenance facility.

Large Data Centre, Northern Europe

Fibrelite worked with the design consultants of the data centre in Northern Europe to cover 525 metres (1046 covers) of electrical and data cabling between buildings.

Utility Provider USA

Substations have large amounts of electrical conduits and cabling which are usually run underground in precast concrete or cast in place trenches. Precast trenches are frequently…

Substation Rebuild USA

Fibrelite’s HS-20 load rated composite trench covers have been selected by one of the nation’s largest metropolitan electrical utilities for a high-profile rebuild of a 345 kV bulk power substation.