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European Cruise Terminal

Fibrelite was approached by an OEM who provides Onshore Power Supply (OPS) systems, to quote for this large leisure cruise terminal upgrade project. The end user had previously considered…

Global Satellite Services Provider, USA

This large multinational satellite services provider has specified the Fibrelite Trenwa partnership trench and cover system for their latest satellite earth station antenna facility in the U.S. The partnership system combines…

Water Facility, Northumberland, UK

Fibrelite were contacted by a third-party company whose client had tasked them with obtaining a lightweight upgrade for their traditional heavy concrete infill trench covers.

Regional Airport, Bedfordshire, UK

Fibrelite were singled out as an ideal supplier for this retrofit project due to the bespoke GRP access covers they can offer as well as their industry leading strength to weight ratio.

Container Port, Northern Ireland UK

Fibrelite’s custom lightweight F900 (90-tonne load rated) GRP trench covers were specified for this Northern Irish container port over new cable anchor pits for the gantry cranes.

Trinity Shopping Centre, Leeds, UK

The consulting engineers specified Fibrelite for this project for ease of access to cable ducts that run all over the site. The panels are non-slip for a safe working environment in a busy centre.

Leeds Market, UK

A series of 8 trenches were previously covered by traditional concrete panels but with constant heavy foot traffic the covers had crumbled and created trip hazards.

Indiana University, Bloomington

Indiana University approached Fibrelite looking for steam rated manhole covers for new vaults and in replacement of existing covers on the Bloomington campus.

Water Facility, Devon, UK

Previous installed access covers required a crane to remove and replace

Fibrelite were invited to conduct a site survey, as the client desired a simple replacement for their previously installed heavy cast iron recess (access) covers with concrete infill.